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Credibility begins with action

I decided this morning that i’m setting myself a weekly challenge: On Fridays, I will share what I did this week to promote the issues I care about and shape the world into one I want to live in.


This week, I contacted Rep. Jason Chaffetz asking when the House Oversight Committee would begin their investigations into the President-Elect’s conflicts of interest.
I signed and shared a petition demanding that New York taxpayers not be held financially accountable for the Trump family’s decision to live in NYC.
I purchased a subscription to the New York Times to support credible journalism.
I signed up to attend the Atlanta Women’s March on January 21 to demonstrate my support for women’s rights.

What did you do this week?


  1. Marianne Hebert

    I just wrote a letter to the Adirondack Park Agency advocating for a Wilderness classification of the Boreas Pond Tract to restrict motorized access to the wetlands.

  2. Delivered a keynote to a library conference in Germany on the theme of inclusion and talked about various strategies that have worked in the real world to make spaces more inclusive. Think I successfully got some people thinking about next actions.

    Also ate an awful lot of croissants and mulled wine and sausage, but that’s a very different way of inhabiting a world I’d like to live in…


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