And I’m not dead yet.

After yesterday’s adventure in weighted burpees, today was fast sun salutations followed by abdominal mat work. Lots of legs and never letting your shoulderblades touch the floor. I’m feeling it, for certain. I modified a bunch of the exercises per the Modification Model (in this bit, called Elizabeth), not letting go of my legs or doing only arms or legs instead of full-body motions. Trust, it was enough.

Still not quitting.

I also found a very cool iPhone app today: Lift. Lets you add goals, and track whether you’ve done them for the day, and you can set reminders for each one. Nifty.


If I felt like adding a layer of humility to all of this, I’d record my breathing right now. Alas, I do not. This isn’t a phase of my fitness that needs to be recorded in anything other than words.

Energy Moves — easy peasy. Good full-body work, reminiscent again of the Qi Gong warmups we did in Tai Chi. Felt great, got me warm, started my breathing.

But then we moved on to Jump Backs Part 1. Envision: take a weighted medicine ball in both hands. Raise it overhead. Bring it down to the floor with bent knees. Put your hands on the ball and step (me) or jump (them) back into pushup pose with your hands on the ball in front of you. Then jump/step back, bend your knees, and raise the ball overhead. Now repeat 7 more times. And intersperse it with sets of pushups, lunges, and dips.

Whoosh. I did all the modifications — knee pushups instead of full ones, knee planks when we were doing active motions. But I did it all, modified or not. I didn’t quit. I count these things as personal triumphs, these not quitting days.

Not quitting.



“Enjoy your newfound energy, stamina, and endurance!”

I cut a bunch of sets in half and fumbled on a few others — when you start asking me to move more than one body part at a time to a rhythm, my whole system shuts down and I stand there, staring, like an absolute idiot. So this wasn’t the most successful section for me. I fear the whole week will feel this way.

But I did it. This is the same style work as the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred: lots of free weights while doing active squats or lunges. Which is fine with me, as cardio goes: my heart rate is up, I’m breathing heavily, and I’m all sweaty. So it’s working, and it’s hard. Good.

Now: Shower!


And that’s the end of Week 1. It took me 9 days instead of 7, but I did it in a reasonable amount of time. Go me.

Qi Gong Hip Openers

Relatively easy and satisfying — mostly whole-body work and some truly excellent hip opening stretches, which, with my current battle against my psoas, is awesome.

Sun Salutations Pt 1

This is a repeat from day 1, and it’s a bunch of fast sun salutations and Warrior 1, with extra pushups thrown in on every plank and some balance work. My right foot did better on the Figure 4 balances than it did on day 1. Here’s to hoping that this project helps rehabilitate my damaged tendon, and the side effects of 4 months of limping on a swollen foot, even further.

Tomorrow starts Week 2: Cardio. Good thing today left me feeling capable, because man, Cardio is truly my nemesis.


Upper Body Tone and Stretch

This is a repeat of the first part of day 1, and I did better this time. Modifying to knee pushups meant I could get through all the sets, and I made it to the end of all the tricep sets, though, wow, still JUST BARELY.

Core and Gluteal

BWAHAHAHAHA. These people are sadists, but they’re so cheerful about it I can’t hold it against them. Fred, at one point, after asking that I do that thing male gymnasts do where they hold their whole body weight up on their arms on the parallel bars, and point their legs straight out in front of them, said, “You’ll work up to it.” A girl can dream… and keep dreaming.

But I did it. Modified, shortened a few sets, but I did it.

I also came downstairs to do this at 9 at night, because I didn’t do it earlier today, and because I took yesterday off as a sick day. I’m proud of myself. Somebody give the girl a cookie. Oh, wait. I ate a cookie earlier. Look! I earned my cookie!


Today’s fresh fitness hell was 8 minutes of satisfying joint opening stretches (similar to what we did in my Tai Chi class, actually), 2 minutes of plank pose with creative abdominal hell added on, and then 10 minutes of standing at a wall doing backward leg lifts. “enjoy your tight round butt and waist”, she said, as she closed the video. I’ll try, when I figure out how to make my hamstrings work again.

Honestly, though, this is hard, but it’s doable. 20 minutes every day with one day off per week. I’m breathing hard, a little sweaty, and have muscles trembling at the edge of fatigue at the end of each bit. I can DO this. And I’m glad that I am.