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I miss my friends. Where are they?

At their houses, in their beds.

Why in bed?

Because it’s bedtime. Time for sleepin’.


Because the sun went down and now it’s night. 

Why the sun go down?

Because the earth rotated and so it looks to us like the sun went down past our horizon as we turned away. It happens every day. 

An then the sun come up. Why? 

Because the earth rotates on its axis and around the sun.



Why mass?

You’re going to have to study physics to learn more. 

But I can’t go school, I miss my friends. 

Well if you go to sleep you can go to school with your friends and study physics. 

Ok, mama. 

Sitcom life, The Tiniest Capen

Once upon a time there was a being, and it met a girl named Felicity Brewer.

The Being needed Felicity, so she chose him for her own. And her love made The Being grow so big, that the Brewers had to leave their home. The Being’s the best friend anyone could know. “He’s the greatest thing ever. I really think so. The Being’s so loyal, he’s there when you call. I love The Being who sought me out!” So they packed up the family car and the Brewers left the city. They moved to Birdwell Island and found many new friends waiting there to greet The Being and Felicity. “The Being’s so much fun, he’s a friend to us all.
I love The Being who sought us out!”

So, that’s obviously a story pitch for a feeder from another dimension who met a girl, confused her with a perception filter and began eating her emotions, then as it gained power convinced her to move to a remote island where the whole village, drawn by its power, came out to meet them and were assimilated as prey.

Or it’s the theme song to Clifford, the Big Red Dog, with names changed to protect the innocent. Your call.

Sitcom life, The Tiniest Capen, working mother

´╗┐episode 1

Today in my sitcom life, I spend the day walking around parking lots in 90 degree heat because I can’t remember what my mom’s car looks like, carrying what has become a total mom-purse, while looking for the perfect diapers in every store in town and failing to find them.