Waking up and rolling over and having a sudden blinding cascade of pain from my eyebrows to my shoulders is not my favorite Sunday morning starter. But it’s what I’ve got. I keep reminding myself that this is temporary — the physical therapists have made so much progress moving and reducing the pain. We’re almost there. My back is almost pain-free, my shoulders are much better, now we just need to get a handle on my neck. I can do this.

It just sucks during the in-process part.


And so, awake earlier than expected as Justin sleeps on. I’m sitting on the floor stretching, trying to find the thing that will make my neck let go and stop stabbing me with pain at seemingly-random-intervals. The cats are purring in the sunshine spilling over the couch, I have a cup of hot, sweet coffee, and the internet is amusing. Life, she is not bad.